Why Leasing?

The HandshakeVehicle leasing and equipment leasing can represent a significant impact to your capital and your budget.  At Enviro-Plus Business Services, we know managing cash flow is a challenge for businesses of all sizes. Leasing or financing the asset, be it a light-duty truck for service work, or a laser cutter for your plant, can put that asset to work for you without a major capital investment.

Leasing that truck or equipment gives you use of the asset without incurring the full cost of that asset up front. Vehicle leasing or equipment leasing often will result in a lower payment than other methods of financing. In this kind of business lease arrangement, you can often afford to acquire better quality equipment that will save your business in operation costs in the future.

The tax benefits of vehicle leasing in Alberta can be significant. When structured appropriately, a vehicle or equipment lease payment can be treated as an expense. Remember that trucks or machines that depreciate should be leased in order to write off that depreciation against anticipated profits.

Why Enviro-Plus Business Services?

At Enviro-Plus Business Services, we are your source for vehicle and equipment leasing in Edmonton and Western Canada. Our leasing experts bring more than 15 years of industry experience, dedicated to serving our clients’ needs first.

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