Equipment Leasing Edmonton, Alberta

Caterpillar D9TFrom office or manufacturing equipment to long-haul trailers or front-end loaders, we can provide for your equipment leasing needs in Edmonton and Western Canada. Do you have existing equipment that you own, and are trying to find capital to grow? We can help. With a capital lease-back arrangement, your business can find a source of funding that will give you that edge to grow in a challenging market.

Do you operate CNC machines and other in-place manufacturing equipment? From laser stone cutters to industrial ovens, we can connect your business with equipment leasing capital and put them to work for you.

The plasma at workAre you having trouble finding the right piece of equipment for your expanding business? With more than 15 years experience, Enviro-Plus Business Services can locate your needed equipment, find the source for commercial equipment leasing and tailor the lease to your needs.

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